Freeze! I'm going to be a blogger

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hello girlfriends! I woke up today with harpie, goofy feeling inside. Like wanting to jump from the 2nd deck of my queen size bed... and say "Good morning, life!"

Hold on, I'm not pregnant. And I'm sure of it after I took two pregnancy tests last week (by urine and by blood). Yup! That would wipe the cold sweat out of my boyfriend's forehead. Not that I didn't want to have one, as long as its a healthy baby girl (read this, boo: I WANT A BABY GIRL!)... I'll welcome pregnancy, married or not. But for now... Let's talk about this happy feeling.

As I was saying... I started my morning of the 5th of May year 2006 with a smile. I have decided.... I'm going to become a blogger!

Why now? Well, maybe the date says it all:

05 - 05 - 2006
^-----^---^--^--> same
^---^--^--> same
^--^--> to
^---> change

Meaning: Trip ko!

So to whole internet-addicted world.... welcome to my life!

Plugging: Harpy-ness Burpdei to my Ani!!!!!

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