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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I didn't know what to say... Just this afternoon, one of my collegues notified us of his resignation. The suprise came just after our staff meeting. Suprising because my other workmate had filed his resignation effective this month. And did I mention that my friends already left my ex-company. Wow! Is May really the month of resignation?

Thing is, he has a job offer in the middle east with a salary that just makes someone go woot-woot! It's close to twice my monthly income! (Ok where do I sign??? I want in!!!) It's a simple math that anyone can do (how come when we talk about money, everyone becomes mathematicians), in two years time you've earned quadruple the amount you'll be earning if you stay here! DANG! o_O

Sometimes I wonder why the heck am I staying here for? We have a lot of expenses that we need settle and we're both earning just enough to cover all of them... and to think THAT excludes the wedding expenses! (Frodo, where's the ring!)


But I couldn't just let go for now. I still cant imagine myself working on a foreign land, talking in a gibberish language just to earn my living... Ok, I'm maybe already talking gibberish and working for foreigners... but at least im home! My style! My crib! My land! My gawd! Look at mah bills!!! o_*

Relax!!! Breathe in... breathe out! The call for migrating overseas is soooooo strong that people are willing to leave their families and homes for a few really-damn-sure-I'll-be-rich-when-I-go-back years. I hate to see friends leave but thats their choice. For me, I can still do with what I have right now. Time might change me but for now... I'm happy with what I have... and do not have... (Just don't remind me puhlease!!!) T_T

Of course I can always put my boyfriend in a box and have him shipped to NC. I heard they're hiring teachers!!! (Wabbyness Ani!!!) Ciao!

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