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Friday, May 26, 2006

friday at last!!! i feel like i'm all beat up... energy level = ZERO!

my trip home was really entertaining though... nope, i didn't had a night out cuz i still can't eat a lot of stuff which in turn, makes it hard for me to really enjoy eating at all. i mean, what's the point of eating without MY main dish (read as: DESSERT). of course, if there are times i can't help myself... what if i ate a (really) spicy, greasy chicken sizzler for lunch! i was hungry... and i couldn't think straight. shoot me! hopefully, i'll have my reunion with those sinfully-yummilicious cakes/desserts/icecreams soon... AND I MEAN IT!

where was i again? oh the trip home. it's really funny hearing what people has to say at the end of an office workday. earlier, i boarded a van along with the rest of mkti working class. and there was this girl and her gayish friend... and i can't help overhearing their "private" conversation. the girl was like asking her friend if their "anonymously guyfriend" was married. the friend answered yes. the girl announced then "then why was it when i was drunk, he was touching me all over? is the wife pretty?" hahahahaha. i can only imagine how "anonymously married guyfriend's" wife going to react when she hears that!

the other night i heard girlfriends about their other collegue. she was saying: "grabeh! ang puti talaga ng feet ni whoever-the-subject-girl. ang ganda pa ng hair nya kanina." (reads: the girl has nice feet and hair) and the reply i heard was "talaga? (really) anong suot nya sandals? (what was she wearing?) pero did you notice her bulging bilbil (lovehandles). kadiri no, then ang sobrang thin pa ng legs. and my gosh, her boobs shaped like this", and the girl was made a hand gesture of a counterclock-wise half curve. gawd! poor "whoever-the-subject-girl"!

i can't belive how people can smile then talk really bad behind someone else's back. and hearing them first hand as a 3rd party-unsuspecting listener is even worst. guess what, even if the van is well-lit, i'm sure i'll really look way-way down at them.

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