good thing: no blog on weekend

Monday, May 29, 2006

sorry friends, i wasn't able to post what happened to me last weekend. it was my boyfriend's birthday celeb (saturday, although his birthday is last thursday) and i did some... (get ready for this y'all)... COOKING! hahahaha.

yup, nobody can stop me once i put my mind on things. so i found myself buying ingredients for my homestyle spaghetti and it turned out really yummy! (no joke... ask my family, they loooove it). and best of all, no one had stomacheache afterwards. (my boyfriend's trip to the bathroom doesn't count, right hun?)

anyway, i was really dang proud of myself for doing all this (a non-domesticated, workaholic freak) and my boyfriend just fell inlove all over again...

except of some instances when my boyfriend wanted to commit suicide (or did a felt a murderous intent??? o_o) after seeing the kiddie cake i bought for him... every went fine!

then yesterday, we went out and watched da vinci and xmen3. will tell you all about it later.

for now, work is calling...

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