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Thursday, June 01, 2006

grabeh. yesterday i restarted our office server and got the suprise of a lifetime... got this:

Kernel panic: non syncing

and the stupid OS refused to boot up. i haven't encountered this problem since... hell, i can vaguely remember... back when i was setting up ltsp on my very furst company. so i re-booted the server again, as if hoping that this is just a bad dream... and prayed that the machine would do what its supposed to do. still, i still got the same kernel panic error.

what did i do then? i blindly followed the message on the screen. i panicked!

after hours of nail-biting googling... in dire of finding out why on earth this happened to me when i was just configuring tomcat, i gave up and decided to reinstall the server. after less than an hour or so, the last CD was popped out the CD drive and the machine restarted.

i read the the message on screen of the "newly installed" os and i knew i was in the verge of losing my sanity when i read the message on screen. it say's:

Kernel panic: not syncing Oops!

YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! (you got me, ashton!!! i'm gonna kill you! ~~dream on~~) like the machine is taking revenge on being left working all day and all night (including weekends) without restart. i wanted to shout out: "that's what you're supposed to do so don't you 'panic' or im going to throw you out the 37th floor. let's see who's the last one to say 'Oops' when THAT happens!"

ok fine. maybe i'm really overdoing things here. so i thought i'll give 'it' a break and grab something to eat. then i remember.... grub.conf. so i tried to open the file and the right there i read the definition of my stupidity. it was trying to load the wrong kernel version. half a day gone cuz of that! if that machine could only file a complaint, i'll find myself on a verbal abuse case or worst. frustrated murder!

to add, i wrongly sent 'init 1' on the live mail server when i meant to send 'init q'. i'm filing a complaint against the designers of all laptop keyboards. 'Q' should not be placed anywhere near '1'!!!

oh my stoopidity, kill me please!

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