gently please

Friday, June 02, 2006

when i said kill me, i don't actually mean it literally. and even if i did, i would want my death to be as painless as it can possibly be.


i woke up this morning with fear... my stomach is hurting. the last time i felt this feeling, i won a 3D+2N vacation package at the surgery ward (dining included if one can call IV = eating). my gawd, i wouldn't want to see that place again nor those tax-evading-whitey-dressed people who call themselves professionals. word of advice: if your job is to sticks needles and drain someone else's blood, please... please... please... don't ask if THAT hurts. you might find the needle sticking on your skin instead.

what did i do to deserve this fate? maybe cuz i skipped dinner. (i'm blaming mike on this one cuz he refused to eat along with me. carry it on your conscience, YOOUU!!!!) or maybe the stress i had at past midnight when someone did something that caused the server to go wacko and then sent an email asking me what happened! argghhhhh!

back to reality for now. no softdrinks (not guilty)... no milk (still not guilty) more late nights (last night was the last one)... and no more sweets.... errr, make than less sweets like once every other day.

i really have to take care of myself. my boyfriend loves me so much that it pains me to see him worry about my health. i'm serious here. from now on, i'm going to eat and live healthy.

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