movie review: meeting the new bond (casino royale)

Monday, December 11, 2006

honestly, i wasnt a believer of the new james bond character. when i saw the trailer, i said that he wouldnt fit the suit. i did see him with the a lesser sense of fashion, humor, charisma the the bond attitude must have (or the past pierce brosnan had). and with the casino royale plot, i expect less of the gadgets, cars, and women. and after i had the nerve to lose P160 just to watch it, i realized that i wasnt entirely correct.

while its true that most of who watched the flick got dis -appointed with Q entirely out of the pic, i believe that its a better adaptation than the casino royale movie back in the 60s (or was it 70s). the jbond series have become a comodity in the movie industry... highlighting more on the concept cars of some giant car manufacturing entity, special gadgets that would require the latest special FX, and the hottest women with the sexiest bods that would plague the next men's mags. too much of the gadgetry in my opinion, turned it into a Mission-Impossible type of flick than that of a Bourne-series. but looking past those (though, i understand it wouldnt be easy for most of us especially the younger ones), you'll get to appreciate the storyline itself. how on gets a double O status? that agents do make mistakes, and usually have a lot of ego. except when bond was chasing this bomber-turned-spiderman, the movie is as real as one can get. by the time you leave the theater, you can say to yourself that somewhere in UK, there's a double O status agent. for real! you can get it from a more professional review site but here's my take on the new bond movie.


the new bond wasnt a women's man as the old bonds potrayed to be. thus, less flirting and more true feelings. i guess when i watched the old bond flicks, i knew those bond women would only last the end of that movie. and even if they were left alive on script, they wouldnt appear on the next episode. remember, in this movie, bond just became a double O status... thus the mistakes and huge ego, including the fact that he became emotionally-attached (and he really mean emotionally-attached!) to his woman that the plot needed to kill her and in effect make him more human. i guess you could say that its his first lesson as an agent. i believe this part is essential in the him becoming what he is right now (or what he would be on the next series of bond flicks).

Your not-so-friendly Spidey

i still dont see him physically as "the james bond"; i dont like his wet scene on the beach. he looks old for my taste, hence less raves on the younger genre. he's just a new agent but he already got less hair, and im not refering to his chest or legs. he's abs is not exactly my type either. i like wolverine's (hugh jackman) better, hahaha. but as the scene unfolds, he blends well with his character. love the poker scene. i dont know how to play it but i knew that its all bout reading others and getting out a good bluff. the movie took details and played out the characters more than the backdrop and the sidelines.

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mind games

the movie is an old-school bond flick, classic and suave. its essential to watch this movie unless you vowed to stay loyal to the old bond movies (cars, gadgets and women) and promised never to watch the rest of it till they change david craig. believe me, it isnt that bad (though the true classic bond fanatics still preferred sean connery, i dont know how he did his bond thingies) and it makes crave for the next one. i wouldnt know if Q would appear but as long as the story wouldnt dull, i will certainly see the rest of the craig's bond series. for the cars, the fast and the furious flicks would fill my appetite for the hot wheels. lastly, the women??? heck, i couldnt care less. i am, after all, one myself.

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