love is in the air

Monday, November 27, 2006

christmas is coming but everyone around me seems to feel the valentine spirit this early. all my dinner-mates (read as: friends who i usually have dinner with) seem to have found love one way or the other. now, i dont have someone to dine with. sigh!

oh, dont get me wrong... im very happy that my friends are inlove. its just that i hate having dinner by myself. i dont mind solo lunches. i cant really pinpoint the reason but i usually dont have appetite when i have dinner alone. most of the time, i end up skipping it. sigh!

anyway, i guess everyone wants to make sure that they will have their special someone come christmas season. someone to go with during misa de gallo... share with the bibingkas and puto bungbong (all filipino delicacies that mark the start christmas season... really yummy)... cuddle with on the eve of the big day.

good luck everyone... i wish you would find someone to kiss underneath the mistletoe this year. hmmm, what if i throw another party before the christmas holiday? anyone wanna come???

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ivy dun skip ur meal!!.. u'll become more thinner ... :D
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