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Thursday, November 16, 2006

sigh! i'm sooo feeling down. i dunno what happened but i just woke up feeling sad. my dad called last night and i had to remind him about my birthday. and he said he almost forgot it. almost equals... yup, he forgot alright. but he never forgets my birthday ever. every year i get birthday cards, gifts and even text messages or call from him.

also, one of my oldest guy friend will not be able to attend my birthday dinner. he's been "held-up" by some affairs and he couldnt get out of it. and i mean he really can't get out. and here i was thinking... hopeful that he can join us. sigh!

but then i again, i dont think these have any effect as to why im being sad.

reflecting back on one whole year... everything's been great. got new friends... got real true-blue friends... got my lovelife back on track... been more focussed on things in front of me... and God has been generous giving soo many blessings even if i've been a bad girl. all of this, i'm thankful. hopefully everything will continue this way.

sigh! oh well, maybe its coz i didnt eat any chocolates yesterday. sigh! crema de fruta just wont do. sigh

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