its h2omelon week!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

its my birthday! well not really today, but in the essense of being a fun-loving person, i self-declared this week as "my" week. what's the fun in that??? i just happen to love birthdays as we could always ask people around to be nice to us for the simple reason that its our birthday. and to fully capitalize with "another year older" blah-blah, i decided to have a birthday-weeklong celeb. the rule being... everyday starting today, nov.13 till nov 19 is an official h2omelon-gurl birthday. yey!

so friends out there, i'm giving you enough time to send your tangible (read as: preferred) gifts and good wishes (read as: preparing-for-a-tangible-present-next-year) coz i know how much you want to celebrate my birthday with me. i decided to have dinner with friends and colleagues this friday night. i wanted to have it on a saturday (the real birthday) but more than half of them couldnt make it. after dinner, im planning to continue the party with a music session with those who can join us. problem is, the boyfriend doesnt want to sing. i had to make sure that there are enuf people who'll be more than willing to grab the mic and perform. hahaha. have to bring the cam with me.

i had ordered the voted menu for our dinner. still had to buy plates and cups. mike promised bottles of beer; and im not sure if i can still cover for the cocktail drinks or wine or whatever. or maybe someone's willing to bring additional wine (hint! hint!).

my birthday wish? to be happy. not that i'm not. its just that every birthday... or whenever i see a shooting star or even the first star of the night, that's the first thing that comes to my mind. for me to be happy and live life with no regrets. but then again, a brand new (black please) mazda 3 wouldnt hurt.

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