the day before the BIG day

Friday, November 17, 2006

so tonight's the big celeb. well my real birthday isnt till tomorrow night @ around 11pm. but then if i have it on a saturday, less people will be able to make it. my colleagues and friends would be in their respective provinces ranging from antipolo, cavite to batangas. so friday it is. this is the first time i'll celebrate my birthday earlier than its supposed to be. normally i'll have it on the day itself or later if i cant. my mom always tell me that its bad luck to have it earlier. i dont want to tell her about it. maybe i will get less bad luck if she doesnt know.

i invited friends over... i hope they'll come. if they dont, i wont talk to them till my next birthday. they have to give me a VALID reason for not being able to. and i tell you, i only have a RIGID list of acceptable excuses.

i brought my cam so i can have photos of my bday celeb. come to think of it, i dont think i ever had pictures taken on my birthday since... err when i was five? oh well, nevermind. at least now i didnt forgot the cam. hehehe.

after dinner, i dunno if we're going to push thru with the music21 (videoke) session. i would love to have it... problem is, i dont think my friends would want it. sigh! and here i was practicing my piece. NOT! hahaha. im sooo hopeless with real gimmicks (night-outs).

hey i wonder if what my boyfriend's sister got me for my birthday. why the sister, you asked me? coz my bf is hopeless when it comes to buying gifts. but then again, im really thankful that tess is the one who buys me gifts. i really like her taste with bags and clothes. both of us (with my bf) will be suprised. every year... for birthday, anniversary and christmas gifts... thanks to the sister!!!

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