food+alcohol+laughter = FUN night

Saturday, November 18, 2006

i would like to thank all who were able to come to my dinner treat. we had lots of food (everyone can have 3 servings of everything), and the stories and laughter that go on and on till way past midnight. luckily everyone were still somber, except you know who. hahaha.

btw, to those people (who call themselves my friends) who werent able to answer the question of the day... please expect the bill to arrive at your home any day next week. wait, i think nobody wasnt able to answer it at all!!! those answers you gave werent even acceptable. what a waste of my money! and to think i call you guys "friends"? humpf!

but seriously... thanks everyone!

by h2Omelon GurL @ 3:31 AM with 2 comments

why i'm not invited?? u called me friend? hahaha

oh, i couldnt afford you plane and accommodations yet. just wait till im richer. the party's going to be more exciting and i promise to buy plane tickets for everyone. hahaha.
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