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Thursday, December 07, 2006

i went home from the office earlier than usual... didnt feel well at all. i think even spread my virus and chris got them. as soon as i came home, i ran to our family doctor (well, he's the son of our family doctor turned surgeon).

my eyes hurt this morning, the kind that feels like its twitching on it own and you cant stop it. and i threw up thrice, im not sure if it was caused by the toffee nutt brownie-thingie that i kept overnight before eating. my temples hurt and my sense of smell is too much... too sensitive that i think i can smell even the slightest scent. so after asking some of the usual med questions, he said if i work in front of the computer most of the time. (errr, yeah.) so he asked me to have my eyes checked. (o-oh!) and before i knew it, im back as the girl with the glasses. argh! back in grade school, i had those really huge glasses... my mom said it looks ok, but it nearly cover more than a quarter of face. and to top it off, the rims were red. argh! ok... stop your imagination. even my personal rewind give me the creeps. spare me.

anyway, i hope this look isnt as bad as before. presenting... the new (***how i wish... ***) and improved h2omelon-with-glasses!

by h2Omelon GurL @ 5:16 PM with 6 comments

Ohh please please.. send me your picture.. ( with the red-framed big round glasses ).. !
i dunno whats up with that picture but when i saw my boyfriend's reaction seeing it, i knew instantly it wasnt for public viewing.
OK.fine.. ill edit one with GIMP/Paint.
lol ... I need to see a picture as well :)
miss tapia!
i believe i did looked like miss tapia... or maybe even worse. my bf swears that he's willing to pay good bucks for it.
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