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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

argh! i hate my voice. i dunno why my voice seemed to have stopped maturing since grade school. i honestly despise hearing my own voice. mine's sounds childish no matter how hard i try to cover it up. maybe even if i cough up my diaphragm, i doubt it will make any difference. i mean, back when i was young, it was cute.. yes. but now, i'm used to having strangers think that i'm still underage over the phone. "who's the teeny-booper caller on the other line?" /sob

and to think i disagree with how hillary duff speaks... but then again, she's a teenager so i guess that's forgiveable. i'm turning 26 and i still sound like a grade schooler. oh and im not referring with the way i sing... it's the way i speak. is anyone willing to transfer a part of his adam's apple... or maybe i need all of it. sigh! i really dunno why i talk this way. all my siblings got this nice matured voice especially my bro. i mean, you should hear him shout when he's angry... he still scares me and to think that i'm older than him.

oh, dont mind me. except for my casual sulking, im perfectly feeling ok.

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