Monday, June 05, 2006

this weekend has been a gastronimical experience for me. each night, starting last friday 'til today, i found in different dining places and words are not enough to define how i felt after each meal.

friday night, my friend erik sent me a message if i wanted to eat kabab. i just had my dinner (i can't remember where and what i ate, but im pretty sure i ate somethin), but the offer mad my tummy grumble. although a private transport made me say yes, the fact that we are to get it from Mister Kabab was the real deal. the place is at delta, across pizza hut (the first time i told my bro about the best kababs, he thought i was talking about cahoots pub&disco haus... hahahaha. i couldn't imagine he and his girlfriend went there thinking it was persian resto!) anyway, erik and i decided not to eat at the place cuz it was late... ok 9pm wasn't really that late but i was in rags and flip-flops. instead of my usual chelo kabab, i asked for keema and 2pcs pita bread... and my fav watermelon shake. i'm really hooked on Mister Kabab's menu eversince college days. i wouldn't trade it to Ziggurat where abi and i went. the meat there is more tender but ... i dunno, i'd still pick Mister Kabab.

on a saturday night, my boyfriend and i went to greenbelt deciding it was time to try bubba gump. funny thing is, instead of asking for their usual shrimp dishes, we ended up with their dixie baby back ribs and calamari. it was too late to realize our mistake, and we were literally drolling over our table-neighbors as they nibble on their shrimps. though our order wasn't that bad, actually the ribs was more or less like that of tony romas' and the calamari was sumptous "without the cabbage", we promised we'd go back again and remind ourselves that we MUST order SHRIMPS. TONY ROMAS=RIBS. BUBBA GUMP=SHRIMPS,SHRIMPS,SHRIMPS.

yesterday, i went to the nearest kfc store and claimed the 15-pc kfc bucket meal voucher that came with my credit card. i brought the meal home and shared it with my family, it was a pig out! what's so special about that? they say that the best things in life are free. they're right! hahahaha.

and now, i spent my dinner with my friend abi at the seafood club at greenbelt. we have had talks about having dinner buffet there as we both love crabs. i'm pretty sure my boyfriend would understand... right hun? so we went there right after work and devour (with no exagerration) all the crabs that our eyes laid upon. sad part is, there were a lot of people that night that i ended up eating just 5 crabs. a pity really because they couldn't offer us more. i guess one should go there at an earlier time to ensure 100% crab buffet satisfaction.

so what's next? errr, i'm not sure. i think i've pretty much spent all my money eating... which is actually good. i have have to make sure that i don't forget my veggies and fruits. maybe i should stack up with watermelons cuz bananas are killing me. i should definitely give that up. i'm pretty sure i can find substitute for bananas. any suggestions?

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