no fair!

Monday, October 30, 2006

life's really so unfair.

just this evening... barely 8pm, my boyfriend called and ask me to buy him a vampire cape. they're having halloween costume instead of their usual office attire. so i rush to the mall to look for one... the malls close at 9pm. unfortunately, all the black capes were sold out, even those in the kid's section. (hmmm, come to think of it, they only have it on the kid's section). i had to find an alternative, so i bought a yard of black cloth and ribbon then rush to the nearest alteration shop. asked the person to just sew the hem and put a fold where i could put the ribbon. at first they wouldn't accept it coz it's almost closing time. so i said i need it badly for my kid brother for his trick or treat tonight. the poor (superficial) kid was crying. and i had to say that its a batman cape. hahahaha.

so in less than an hour, i had a cape for him. i was able to give him just before his shift started. and as soon as i got home, went online... he sent me a message that they will be using the cape tomorrow... not today! argh! he wont be able to use the stupid cape coz i'm already planning how to murder him tomorrow!!! i'm gonna kill him!

sigh... we (my officemates and i) thought of having a halloween dinner tomorrow. we saw this website that delivers food packages that's really cheap. i asked red before and she said she had tried their food and it wasnt bad. thing is, the food is good for 20 people and i cant find any willing person to join us. that's the downside of having four people in an office. can't have parties with a large crowd. i remember last christmas, we only had a sit-down dinner with a pre-arranged meal. and we had banana cream pie for desert.... i mean, they had banana cream pie. i didnt. i dont like bananas at all... unless i am forced to, or if i didnt have a choice (like when i was at the hospital where the only edible "thing" they served me were fruits... ie. banana), i wouldnt eat it. i like it better back in my asti days where we had presentations by departments.

bani, one of my ex-collegue at asti sent me a ym last week that they're plannning to have a reunion together with all the old preginet team... that includes me! yey! i would definitely come. i miss the noisy crowd... i hope it'll happen soon.

thats all for now... have to plan my first ever murder. wish me luck. ciao!

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do you really have to post this? don't you think it's kinda embarrassing on my part... imagine a six feet guy asking his girlfriend to buy him a vampire cape...damn! =P
hmmm... on my post, i dont think it's embarassing. but after you highlight yourself on your own comment, it is! hahaha!!!

luv you hun, xo
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