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Friday, November 03, 2006

yey! yesterday marked the start of the nba season. you wonder why i havent updated my blog last night? well, the stupid me forgot my laptop AC power in the office so i couldnt really go online to write an entry. the good news is, nets won their opening game. woot!!!!

it was against the raptors and i was nervous as i didnt know how the raptors would play this year with their two new imports. turns out, the big 3 (kidd-carter-jeff) can still take on the challenge. im impressed with how lawrence rotated the players. i believe kidd played less than his usual gametime and still came out with unbelievable stats. i'm not really sure if he got another triple double... i wouldnt be suprised if he did. he makes the other players look real good, setting up hot plays and grabbing rebounds on the side. that's my man! vc is also a real-deal on the shots. krstic didnt play last summer and decided to take a rest from his national team to prepare for this nba season. what can i say. they're all great. i believe they would be able to grab the atlantic div champ title again this year.

today, its spurs vs. dallas. made a bet with my boyfriend. ofcourse im with spurs. i wonder how they would do... dallas didnt change their roster, would they be able to grab the title this year? i wonder....

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di ako makakarelate.. hehehe di ako mashado mahilig sa basketball pero kilala ko naman si shaq. hehehe
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