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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

hey! hey! hey! it feels good to be back. and you know what? it feels better knowing that you guys are still visiting my site even if i've been quiet for a while.... and i mean really took me some time to write another exciting entry here. NOT! nahaha, but seriously, i'm really suprised that friends come and read what i've written here.

enough of that. So what has happened? well, i got addicted to work, for the nth time. a lot has happened to my social life, too. i'm helping a friend right now and everything is going smoothly at this point. i wanted him to be okay before my birthday comes that's why I've been very busy.

also, i think i just fell off the most likeable person in the office. not that i've been on that list ever... hahaha. let's just say, i take work seriously nowadays... or at least try to most of the time. and more people keeps on telling me that life isn't a sprint, its a marathon. that i better slow down before life itself wears me off. i know they're right... i would stand back and look at the flowers and the trees and the sunset and things like that in due time.

i think that me knocking myself on a glass window knocked some sense into my mind to say the least. yup, those funny videos where people walk straight through a closed glass door happened to me. and yes, i've confirmed that it DOES hurts... A LOT! i dont know what really went that day, i was spacing out again, walking zombie-like and BAM! walked straight to a closed glass door of an ATM counter. my boyfriend keeps on asking if its possible to get a copy of the video that day so he could upload it on youtube or something. i said no... i dont really want to be THAT popular.

and to those asking for my birthday... yes, its coming this november. OH! i have to tell you this as well... its a tradition here in my country that if you ask for a person's birthday and that person tells you the date, you are then "obligated" to give a gift on that day. ok...fine! so maybe that's no such thing as that here in the philippines. but can someone make a tradition like that? i mean, it wouldnt do any harm at all, right?

now for the good news... NBA season is just about to start. hurray!!! life wouldnt be as boring for me as it is right now... and no! this time, i'm not rooting for any team as last year's season didnt go as i planned. but at least nets topped the atlantic division. err, now its obvious what team i'd go for this year. hahaha. geez! and i havent updated myself with any news whatsoever on nets or even nba. i guess that's why im to shy to accept any invitation for fantasy leagues. but at least i can watch the games wearing my nets jersey this season (thanks to lenny). my team got top rookies this draft, though i havent really read their profiles. i'm reading the nets page as i write. omg! im sooo excited as i heard that the rookies played well in their preseason matches.

and have you seen nash lately? he's HOT with he's new do compared to last season's. still, its amazing how a basketball game can turn gumpy men to hotties. ahem... err, enough with girl's stuff. i know most of the readers here are men. i just happened to take a note of that so you might have some ideas blah-blah-blah-blah-blah...

as i was saying, nets just took in some key rookies this year. the management seems to be finding ways to lessen kidd's game exposure and got themselves a new set of guards. well, it isnt a suprise at all... nets is a transition team. and bringing in slow players will hurt their game play. i'm not saying that kidd's is becoming slow but i'm not too star-struck and not think that year can catch up with players. he still plays great in my view anyway... ok so maybe i am too star-struck... so what?!! i know he's the best PG in my time. nash only places second. and i dont really care what other people would say. still, i feel bad about not having abdur-rahim on board. something about the med results, i heard. again, health is of outmost importance to the team. everyone knows that carter-jkidd-jefferson is the best trio in the league. the downside is that, they havent got good bench players to support their game power. ofcourse, krstic is becoming a key player this time around. lets just see who would shine this season.

what's to watch out this year... next to my nets. err, how's amare? will the rockets still have a streak of bad injuries this year? is the lakers going to become a team ever? will the mavericks come into the finals again? let's not talk about miami. fine... did shaq really lose weight? (what? i said something, didnt i?) how will my west pick (spurs) come out this year? wondered why cassell remained with clippers? and so much more! im sooo excited. so i may not join a fantasy league this time around, but i'll make sure to update myself with everything i got till the finals. too bad, i didnt win any free trip to see nba live from all the gatorade bottletops i've collected. sigh! but who knows... maybe someone out there might give me tickets and free airfare to see my team live in action for a birthday gift... or a christmas gift... or a new year's gift... or a how-are-you-just-thought-you-may-want-to-see-a-nets-game gift? i wouldnt lose hope. i just hope that i see kidd play before he retires. i still got time. no worries. though i saw a vid of him speaking about retirement. i dont see that in the near future though, i hope. for now, i'm happy that nba's about to finish its pre-season. i just loveeee november!!!

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