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Sunday, October 29, 2006

happy halloween everyone!!!

i totally forgot about halloween. last year, i planned on going to a halloween costume ball or something to that effect. why? coz every year, since i had a chance to go to a mall one halloween and saw all those cute kids wearing their costume, i kept on saying to myself that i missed THAT during my childhood days.

when i was young, i'm more or a school-type kid (no... not nerd or geek, ok? its just that i enjoy school). i rarely watch tv at home and spent lots of time reading books and listening to story-telling audio tapes. i took that habit now as i enjoy books than movies. i dont regret that part, really. coz now, my eyes are being abused as i tend to spend most of my time in front of my laptop. errr, not that reading didnt go well with my eyesight... but nevermind. what i missed out was the partying part. i guess i didnt do much of that during highschool. and my college days was more like a blur to me. what i can remember was i had fun with my org (organization). without it, you could brand me as a nerd and i wouldnt raise a finger against it. anyways, i never had a chance to attend a halloween ball or even join a trick or treat as well... even as a kid. the 25 halloweens just went flew past me. now, every halloween i try to go to the mall and watch the kids wearing all these crazy outfits as they try to scavenge goodies/loots as much as they can. i wish i could do that at my age. guess, im too old huh?

i dont know about you guys, but i think its really cool. say, if i could, i wonder what i would wear? hmm.... maybe i'd be the devil... like elizabeth hurley in that movie... what's the title again???!!! argh, its that funny movie with brendan frazer. or i could be a genie.... or wear a japanese anime school girl uniform. hahaha. i dont want to be a fairy or a princess as every girl wants to be one.

maybe next year. but then again, i'll be 26 and too old for it. sigh! too bad.

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