has she died???

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

wow! almost half-a-month of no entries. not to disappoint those people who think that this boring blogger went "poof!"... sorry but im still alive.

so what happened? a lot, really. i've been chatting with friends on YM... less than before though... and decided to divert most of my free time thinking. which isn't any better. not that i'm not capable of thinking at all (duh-uh!) but when i think, i usually end up worrying about things that could have been and should have been.

what went inside my mind during the past few weeks?

relationships can both cause you joy and troubles. being sooo much inlove can cause a lot of damage to you and to the people around you. try to keep it to a sensible level. dont ever forget yourself EVER. yes, your partner is important... but so are you. hear this all single people out there, you are lucky to be free so dont ever settle with someone who just happen to be an easy catch. i know how exciting it is to let the heart decides on everything but remember, brain comes first before the heart. unless you can handle it... meaning you wont regret anything, its best to play logic over feelings.

and no... this is not about me. i just happen to have someone so dear that went to the extremes, just for love. i hate to see him suffer. my mom was affected to what had happened to him that i even heard her say that girls are nothing but trouble (i think she forgot that i'm a girl! i say, so are men!). but i hate the fact that my friend is suffering right now because of this stupid, ugly girl. where is she? has she died? i hope not... death is too good for her. she messed with the best-est of my guy friends, of all people! how could she!!!

but then again, who i am to judge? i've done bad things in the past. errr... but that doesnt mean i couldnt hate this person! i really dont know if i should be discussing this on my blog. maybe i should talk with my friend first.

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welcome back ivy :D
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