on sweets and getting fat

Saturday, September 16, 2006

i tell you this. one can never have enough sweets in their life. dunno, but i think everyone's fate has already been sealed but it will all boil down to how soon or how serious it would be... if if it was bound happen before we die. but thing is, if every one of us is immortal, the only thing that could probably kill us is diabetes.

others fall inlove with chocolates, some with candies but in my case, it'll be cakes. i cant remember when it started... but i think i could blame my past suitor who would give me a small box of chocolate mousse from red ribbon every other night when we found out that i looove chocolate mousse. then when he found out that i didnt share the cake with my mom and siblings, he started buying two, one for me and one for my family. needless to say, i also have a piece of the other cake... i mean, he's MY suitor afterall. and from then on, i knew life is better with cakes. i would love to become a baker and/or work in a patisserie. but then again, i really dont have the talent that would require the word "kitchen" or anything synonymous to that. i dunno, maybe i could do it someday.

that's it for now. eating hungrypac's chocolate cake, they claim to be the best (homemade) chocolate cake. well, it's good alright. they sell it for 35php per single serving. bought a bigger one with double fudge for 130+. they told me its equivalent to 4 servings. well, doesnt look like it though... it looks small enough for one person to eat. saves me from the guilt.

btw, for those who would say that im so lucky that i dont get fat, well i do!!! my tummy bulging right now from the baby back ribs, kfc chicken, sausages, spaghetti, burger, pizza and cake i ate for two days. i hate it! why does it has to be my stomach that gets bigger when i can think of another part that definitely needs more fat. nevermind.... this cake is worth it anyway. no regrets.

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Hope all is ok there.
You seem to be mostly working very hard.
Anyway.. Ingat.. Arnie and Lils
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