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Friday, September 15, 2006

i didnt know that people are actually reading my blogs. since i got additional tasks in office, friends keep on telling me that they noticed that i blog less. do i? i dont know. maybe im worrying to much when i really shouldnt. really should take it slow.

and so im hitting the brakes just a bit. a workaholic never hit it full stop, so just a little jab, i guess. was about to treat the my staff out for lunch today but due to some mis-scheduling, decided to move it on tues so everyone can attend. i ended up with 15-pc KFC bucket meal order that i can no longer cancel. but no worries. i mean, its never to hard to find people to share food with. so i decided to call mike and some other friends, give them some and still had a lot to bring home for the family.

boyfriend and i also dined at tony roma's... ordered the usual roma's feast but instead of my routinary refillable iced tea, i decided to try some cocktails, some orange juice drink tagged as screwdriver. it was nice and the effect was a real hit on the head. i havent really slept well the whole week. and my smart bf didn't want me to go to sleep at past 2am... saying it was too early. early for what??? for christmas?!!! thing is, he thought that yesterday was a friday and since i 'theoretically' dont have work on weekends, i could stay up late. so i slept around 3am reading through the VT codes***(definition's available upon request to bore you to death). i am, at home with a slight headache coz my mind wants to get on with php and all that dev stuff but i couldnt coz alcohol has dulled my brain but not enough to let me fall asleep. argh!!! i really CANT sleep so i decided to buy another cocktail from the convenience store... this time labelled as mudshake (vodka and chocolate). i've had this before with abi. tastes like coke float. hahaha.

maybe after posting this and a few more gulps, the brain would give in and let the body rest.

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