all i want for christmas ARE...

Friday, December 15, 2006

since im very thoughtful to all my friends out there who want to give me something for christmas but unsure of what i like, here's my christmas wish list (in descending order)

_________ Sony Ericsson P990i
_________ 80GB/60 GB ipod video
_________ black Portable Sony Playstationv1.6
_________ 6MB (or up) sony/canon digicam
_________ designer shades (dkny/prada)
_________ nike/addidas gym shoes (preferably not red and white)
_________ designer perfume and designer eau de toillette (you have to buy both)
_________ hobo/everyday bag (black or white) (BCBG/Nine West)
_________ 2MB memory stick(2 pieces)
_________ designer wristwatch that'll look good on my skinny wrist (good luck!)
_________ speedo swimwear (for my swim lessons, so make it two)
_________ stringy flat shoes (take note: noun is in its plural form)
_________ spa certificates for massages AND body scrubs (unlimited)
_________ Harry Potter Book 7 original and unpublished manuscript (i'll worship you if you bring me this!)

feel free to choose from these list. *wishing....*

btw, dont forget to send me all your christmas wish-gift with a minimum cost of P200. i love you all and merry christmas!!!!

by h2Omelon GurL @ 1:03 AM with 2 comments

that is some list ... your poor boyfriend is going to be broke :)
No P990i... so.. not HOT!
HTC TyTN.. or Dopod 838 Pro is the hotest one in town nowadays.

Can play the video's and MP3s too.. so who needs the iPod .. LOL

- Arnie
p.s. Good luck!
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