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Thursday, December 14, 2006

tomorrow marks the last day of my stay in this office. well, officially my last day is on dec 31. but i filed some of my remaining vacation leave to sniff some fresh air before moving on.

yup. i still dont know if i made the right decision. but i've always been firm on what i do. i dont normally regret things... well at least i try not to. it doesnt help to remove this sadness though. i've always live for my work. while so many of my friends tell me to live my life... for me, life is work and the sidelines would be my lovelife, passion for sport (err, watching them i mean), shopping and the rest of my vanities. so people dont usually understand how i feel leaving a certain company... be it for 5 years or even less than a year. for me, its like totally changing my life.

and so change beckons me.

please dont ask why im leaving. i still dont know any subtle way of saying it except for the fact that days (or situations) have changed me and i can no longer look at people around me in the same way. deep down, somehow... i feel that i have made a wrong choice but then again, it made me realize things that i lack... the skills that i still need to acquire. i honestly am afraid that i've degraded myself for not being able to stay given the situation. still, if i dont do that, i will continue to deteriorate and in the process, bring people around me with me. that would be worst, dont you think?

so im going to start fresh again... i hope. wish me luck.

now to lighten things up...

by h2Omelon GurL @ 10:43 AM with 2 comments

change is always a good thing. So just keep smiling and know that everything happens for a reason.
ei there, came across your blog..just dropping by to say u have a cool site here...
scott's right..it's actually how you deal with change..so think of it as a blessing in disguise..goodluck!
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