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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

in the midst of this merry season lurks temptation. as people get their 13th-month graces and other annual bonuses, we see this sort of things:

and since im prefer not to go down alone, here's you share of the sweets:

MA135G/A IPOD LEATHER NANO 990.00 Brand New - Existing Models
MA398G/A IPOD LEATHER VIDEO 30GB 990.00 Brand New - Existing Models
MA399G/A IPOD LEATHER VIDEO 60GB 990.00 Brand New - Existing Models
M9282FE/A APPLE IPOD 20GB w/ Clickwheel 5,000.00 Brand new - Phased-out Model
M9829FE/A APPLE IPOD PHOTO 30GB 8,000.00 Brand new - Phased-out Model
MA146ZP/A APPLE IPOD 30GB VIDEO BLACK 12,000.00 Brand new - Phased-out Model
MA003ZP/A APPLE IPOD 60GB VIDEO WHITE 15,900.00 Brand new - Phased-out Model
M9844SA/A APPLE IMAC 17"/2.0GHZ/512/160/SD/56K/BT/ 38,000.00 Brand New
M9969SA/A POWERBOOK 15.2" 1.67GHZ/512/80/SD/APX/BT 66,500.00 Brand New
1048ML PALM ZIRE 22 7,100.00 4,650.00 Brand New
1040CN-BP1 TREO 650 BLUE EDITION BUNDLE PACK 19,950.00 Brand New
FA673A#UUF HP IPAQ HX2190 POCKET PC WM5.0 16,650.00 Brand New
FA385A#UUF HP IPAQ HW6515E CAMERA/GSM/EDGE APD - 28,200.00 Brand New

oh well, there goes my time deposit. if you want the pricelist, just drop me an email at h2omelon.gurl-at-yahoo-dot-com.

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lol ... that is some Christmas wish list. You are such a geek. :)
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