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Monday, January 08, 2007

talk about major backlog. sorry if i didnt update this site for a looong time. my holiday was wild. lots of parties, overflowing drinks, and all out dancing (NOT!). but a lot did happen. so for record-keeping purposes, here's a quick round down of my holiday.

dec 18 - start of my vacation leave from my old job... i think i already told you guys that im going to join a new company so i decided it would be wise to take a time-off... slow down and then re-organize my life in preparation for my new job. it wasnt that easy... during my last few days, i still cant feel that im leaving. i sent out my goodbye email to my colleagues last jan 2 when my last day was supposed to be dec. 29.

dec 19 - my dad came home for the holidays. tensed moments as my mom and dad stopped talking for more than 3 years. you can never imagine an LQ between parents! believe me, you dont want to get caught in between. but then again, its funny how they tried to avoid talking to each other but they can't. hahaha. its better than any korean telenovelas i've watched from youtube. everything's smooth so far.

days in between 19 to 23 - everything was crazy. we had to keep an eye at home and make sure that my mom and dad is at least 20 feet away from any sharp/pointed objects. hahaha.

dec 23 - 1st day of shopping for christmas gifts for my godchildren. i know... i know... its a bit late. paolo and i went to mall of asia and was able to buy 2 toys. at least, i was able to buy something, right?

dec 24 - the true definition of last minute holiday rush. bought the rest of the gifts (total_gifts minus 2 gifts that i bought last dec 23) for our relatives (kids) and my godchildren. bought ingredients (food) for noche buena (christmas eve). started cooking @ past 7pm.

dec 25 - finished cooking @ 12am... everyone's asleep (or pretending to be asleep) to avoid eating the food i cooked. bought the gift for my man (you dont have to tell me; i know thats a bit late)... went to his place and had dinner with his family.

dec 26 - spent the day sleeping...

dec 30 - started buying my ingredients for my homemade bbq ribs and sauce.

dec 31 - mom's bday... bought her a ref as a bday gift-slashed-christmas gift. the ribs turned out ok and the sauce... errrrr, edible even if i poured 1 cup of teriyaki sauce and 1 cup of soy sauce when its should be 1 tbsp of teriyaki sauce and 1 tbsp of soy sauce. hey!!! mistakes do happened. my bf was running out of breath laughing until i told him that i'll be his future cook for the rest of his life. that should stop him! went to visit my friend... gave him the food i cooked plus 3 tablets of immodium (just in case). spent the night @ bf's place and spent new year with his family.

jan 1 - too drunk... can't remember the things that happened after the 7th shot of tequila.... or was it 8th?

jan 2 - first day of my new job. got 2 deadlines already.

see!!! i've been too busy but i think now i'm able to catch up. so expect regular updates on my blog.

for the nth time... i know its late but merry christmas and happy new year to all my friends out there. and thanks for all the gifts.

scott, thanks for the chocolates. i shared... promise. i gave a piece to red.

erik, my unofficial driver. thanks for the keychain. i'm collecting keychains that came from different places. i've never been to vigan.

tatay rodec, the ballpen is great. fyi, it comes with a flashlight and laser pointer. if i ever i cant find it on my bag.... the bf stole it!!!!

abi, thanks for the goodies and the kikay stuff! and for telling me that red is my fav color. i'll never know the stuff im missing until you point them out. hahaha.

bf... you!!!! you didnt give me the number 1 item on my wishlist.... grrrr! do i come in second thats why you gave me an iPod instead?!!!! do you think getting an 80gb would compensate for the fact that you didnt gave me my top wish? just kidding.... i didnt know you would follow my wishlist. next year maybe im going to put up something like (again in descending order):
(1) black mazda 3 with hired driver
(2) white mazda 3 (customized clear backlight) with hired driver
(3) red mazda 3 with hired driver
(4) house and lot (200sqm floor area excluding lap pool)
(5) red ducati 999 (2nd hand is acceptable)

have a great year everyone!!! and for a change... advanced happy chinese new year!!!!

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