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Sunday, March 11, 2007

wow! i cant imagine what happened in the last two months. everything was a blur... too fast to even notice that i missed a lot of blogging. what happened to me? i dunno. this year i got a new job... something that i really like. but you cant imagine how stressful it is... how demanding the client is. but then again, like i said... this is what a like. blame me for being sadomasochist in the workplace. hahaha.

honestly, i still feel like its january. i didnt had a chance to create a new year's resolution, did i? yeah, most of the time i ignore it anyway. we are all guilty of ignoring the list, one time or the other. so im going to list down the things i want to do this year or at least before i'm 30 years old.

1. learn to swim - i know!!! summer is coming and i'm still afraid once the water reaches my nose. lol. the only good thing is my height. at least i'd be far enough before that happens. but then again, i still have to learn and my previous attempts are all unsuccessful. need a patient teacher. any takers?
2. get a driver's license - this is like the 3rd time i've applied for a student license. i've been such a regular that the staff asked me if i have any plans to get a real license at all. hahaha. i really dont plan to drive unless necessary. i'm expecting to have someone who can drive me around. i only need the license for the sake of having one. now the problem is, i have to learn how to drive. sigh!
3. go to tagaytay - everyone i know has been there!!! its frustrating to know that its closer than baguio and i havent even been to tagaytay. i have heard of nice eating places and spas in that place. i have to get there... i have to!
4. own a car - with a driver ofcourse. see number 2.
5. get my old abs back - its summer. i have to tone down. i dont want to hit the beach with my
current state. need to loose inches off the waistline. any suggestions, people? gym?
6. have a baby girl - who's as cute as me. err, do i have to get married first???? but i only want the baby. husbands are such a liability. hahaha. im soooo glad that bf's not reading my blog these days.

i dont know what else. my mind's been working a lot these days and sunday is it's rest day so it goes blank. hahaha. anyway, i'll try to update my site every so often. and i'd like to say congrats to dallas mavs for getting into the playoffs.

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Yes! i m the first person to comment!
Join Abi and Lilia and me to Puerto Gallera .. see if we can help you with some swimming (I have been a liveguard - not joking)

Of course.. when you cancel your Puerto Gallera Trip we can't help you with swimming classes. Bummer

Anyway.. some things have higher priorities so don't worry. Next time maybe.

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