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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hey! thanks for reading. actually im amazed that people are still visiting the site of the lazy blogger. hahaha.

bad news have been bugging me for weeks. i've been so down these days.

lovelife: close to nada. i rarely see the bf as he got the weirdest schedule as usual. he has tuesdays and wednesday off and works 12am till morning. and this week, he's been out to galera and we dont talk much... not even on the phone.

career: overworked as usual. gets up before 8am, arrives at the office at 9am work till almost 9pm, gets home at past 10pm. i barely have time for lunch and dinner and i think we're still delayed with our deliverable. dont get me wrong, its not totally my fault. the timeline is too tight for such a huge project. dependencies, requirements and specs are late. its crazy.

socials: everyone i know is in a relationship and that translate to being friends being busy. so while they're enjoying their newfound love. and with my work sched, i'm too tired to even to go online at night. worst, im too wasted that i would say no to shopping!

the only good part is i still have the energy to go to a spa for a good massage. i went to urban escape this week; though i cant remember what day it was. i tend to forget the date lately. their vip room has its own shower room. really nice! and mary, my masseuse was very nice and never failed to give attention to those parts that ache.

i just realized that there's a lot of spas in the quezon city area, particularly on timog ave. for now, i'll just pamper myself to drown my loneliness. lol. at least now, i still have time to blog, right?

ok back to my project documentation. sigh!

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Hang in there h2omelon girl. Big hug from Canada!
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