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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

in fairness to all nba fans out there, i have to say this. miami won... bleah! ok, next topic.

i haven't really updated my blog these days. i've been out having those stupid diagnostic tests again last sunday and finally my doctor found out why i got confined in the first place. unfortunately, of all human containers, this irritating parasite with an much irritating name (entamoeba histolytica cyst) to match its really irritating existence on earth, decided to make my body its wonderland. i stopped my iron supplements already since it would only aggravates my bowel routine. apparently, this protozoa may have been a result of eating contaminated food and/or water. i've been out traveling a lot last april and may that i can't really pinpoint where i picked it up. thing is, that's irrelevant now unless i'm still eating or drinking the same stuff that caused this illness. i hope i didn't get this from my office water or from our home. the only good thing is that i drank a lot of water, ate a lot of... yes, watermelon, when i was not feeling well so i didn't end up dehydrated.

i'm feeling a lot better though. i dunno. whenever i work in the office, i feel good. except last week, when i kept on visiting the restroom every hour or so. problem is, i can't find/buy my meds anywhere. doc issued me diloxinide furoate which accdg to mercury drug, was phased out already. they were recommending meta-blah-bleh-bleah... i can't remember the name really... but that was my previous tabs. doc says its no good for me anymore. i'll go back tomorrow to get a new prescription. maybe i should drink lysol which my mom sprays more frequently now after she found out about my so-called pet.

speaking of pet, my boyfriend's sister's spaniel just gave birth to a male pup. just one pup. it was a shock really. everyone thought that pika (the dam) was not pregnant. i thought she was pregnant because i felt something inside her weeks ago. the vet "confirms" that she was not pregnant. then we noticed that she got milk. the vet says she might be having false pregnancy. then this afternoon she gave birth. the vet says it was impossible. hahaha. well, i guess it was a bit weird. coz it took her more than 80 days, i think. i haven't seen the pup. maybe i'll post his pic next week.

hmmm, what else?

oh!!!!! watch fast and furious 3 tokyo drift. believe me, it's the best! i know u might think its crap since the movie has a new cast. and why tokyo of all places?!!! but when we watched it, it was really cool. i mean, the movie was totally HOT! a really big turn-on to all streetracing fanatics and need for speed playas out there. i didn't really appreciate the drift mode on the need for speed play... but once u see this movie, you get the grip. imagine having a car race inside a building carpark like sm megamall. the adrenaline rush, man! make sure u'll watch it in a theater with really, really good sounds to get the real feel. for the guys, yeah some nice girls as usual. fine... the storyline is so-so but u really have to love those cars... and the drift! vroooooom! then in the end, u'll get a bit of a suprise as the writer links part 3 and part 1. watch it! don't mind the cast... for the sake of those cars, really, worth ur money.

gotta run and see if i could get some facial or massage somewhere near (girl-mode). laterz!

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Miami rocks mare! :P
boooo! how can i delete nonsensical comments??!!! bwahahahah!
During the 2005-06 season, the Miami Heat were heavily criticized for some of the personnel moves made in the previous offseason. Most critics had labeled them a bunch of past and present all stars that would never play team basketball. The Heat were chosen by some to lose in the first round to the Chicago Bulls. Miami won in six, with the sixth game on the road. Even more NBA analysts said that the New Jersey Nets would be Miami's undoing. After losing the first game, Miami swept the next four against New Jersey to win the series. In the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals, the Detroit Pistons were heavily favored, as virtually every NBA analyst claimed that the Heat had no chance of winning the series. Miami defeated Detroit 4 games to 2. Also coming into the NBA Finals they were written off by most to lose the Finals against the Dallas Mavericks and now, the Miami Heat have won their first NBA Championship beating the Mavericks 95-92 on June 20, 2006 after losing the first two at Dallas.
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