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Saturday, June 17, 2006

i was scheduled to have my cbc and stool test today but i followed my friend's advice... he said i should have fun this weekend. so that's what i did. i dropped all my diagnostic tests and decided to do something else.

me and my boyfriend started the weekend early with friday night dinner at... friday's watching argentina vs. serbia & montenegro. of course that was a no brainer match, i knew argentina will win it... and so they did. we watched till half time pigging out with bbq and onion rings. i was so full that i didn't have space for my dessert so we decided to take the mudpie home instead. it was 3-0 in favor of argentina and by the time we arrived home, argentina is up on the rankings with netherland. they won 6-0 against scg but i was a bit disappointed that i wasn't able to see riquelme put in a goal. he almost did in the first half... almost but still didn't.

today, i went out to buy the shoes we reserved at adidas rockwell for my boyfriend. buying shoes for that guy is one of the most frustrating tasks i have to do. he got big feet which means he got big.... SHOES. here in my country, buying size 12 shoes is next to a miracle... and that miracle being=actually getting a pair that my boyfriend is comfortable in. i could almost hear the "hallelujiah" background when i heard the sales person say that there's a size 12 at rockwell. can't remember the model... i'll upload it and maybe some of you would recognize it.

then on my way home, i had to pass by the mall for some pampering. i remember my mom telling me to buy some cucumber for my eyes. believe me, when you hear such advice from my mom who doesn't usually say much about physical appearance... you're a disaster. i feel so ugly these days. i had my wax at let's face it... girls, i know they don't do good facials but the waxing is really superb. at least im satisfied with it. i had to do this first coz i've been so lazy these days and had relied too much on shaving, which is definitely not good. at let's face it, they don't use the honey-based wax with the cloth to strip off the hairs. i'm not familiar with the brand but they use a pinkish wax which they pull out as well. so no messy, sticky feeling. u should try it once, i'm sure you'll get hooked.

then i got a facial. let's not talk about it coz it's nothing special. i went to dermstrata and the place wasn't very relaxing. i had a whitening kojie mask+placenta collagen with eye treatment; i'm not sure if i did get the eye treatment but they did picked on my pimples. i bought tea tree oil from body shop coz i hate how my forehead looked after my treatment. hope it'll be gone soon. the staff from dermstrata told me not to wash my face so i postponed my plans to buy some makeup. maybe next week.

i also got a free workout stub at slimmer's world. gawd, my belly's getting really huge these days that i think it's demanding a liposuction. have to get the fat out fast. hopefully i get the free time and i'll find someone to go with me. maybe i'll ask mike. hoy mike! workout tau!!!!

until now, im not sure if i'll go to the salon to get a hair treatment. my hair is sooo limp and dry... like it's good as dead. thing is, i have to go to my salon like 4km away because my previous hair handler was so nice and i think my hair likes him. still contemplating if i should cut my hair really, really short. as short as natalie imbruglia's in her torn mtv. what do u think?

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