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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

my trip to the doctor was sooner than i expected. today i noticed disturbing symptoms that i decided that delaying my check-up is just a step away from becoming a sado-masochist. i knew that i have high tolerance with regards to pain (blood not included, as long as there's no blood i can take it), so i only visit doctors in extreme circumstances. guess that's not such a sharp attitude, because when i can't bare the pain anymore, i usually find myself in an emergency room with people sticking needles (or something) on me, and i'm too weak to argue.

so there! i visited our family doctor, actually, the son of our family doctor. i think he's just a few years older. he had a band group before, i knew that because when i was young, i hear them practicing while i had my checkup with their dad. and they joined a contest before... i used to like their group, though i can't seem to remember what type of music they were into. now he's the new family doctor.

anyway, he said not to worry... its normal to experience frequent bowels since im taking ferrous sulfate. plus the fact that i have to take 2 tablets everyday since my hemo count dropped. but as a precaution he asked me to have a stool and cbc tests, to make sure that it's really nothing serious. he gave me antibiotics for 5 days. also, he lowered my iron supplement dose to just 1 tablet a day since i looked better (i mean didn't looked as pale as i was last time i had my checkup). and... i have to refrain from eating fatty, oily, fibrous, spicy foods. and i have increase my h2o intake.

now here's the good news:


no mik though, no yougarts. not that i care much about dairy. important thing is, I can eat desserts!!!

i feel a lot better hearing my doctor's diagnosis. yes, i still have to take those tests, but i'm more comfortable taking them. i have to sleep early today... doctor says no stress and lots of rest.

p.s. i tried eating apples everday... didn't work. i still have to see my doc. wonder where they got "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away"... maybe its just an ad for washington apples or somethin. sooo not true!!!!

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