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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

recently i have noticed my bathroom trips are becoming more frequent. the urgency to go now happens more than five times every dang day that it's becoming more of a bother than a concern. it annoys me even more is the fact that i feel just a tinge of relief after each session, and the knowledge that i still need to go back... again in a few minutes or so! imagine, like its asking me to spend the whole day in the bathroom. i hate it.

i know i oughta see a doc, but i haven't gotten past the trauma i had last month. no! i won't go back there, at least not this early. so i decided googling for my diagnosis instead. out of the results displayed, i have cut the list down to two... (colon cancer is out!) ... they are ulcerative colitis and IBS. i probably think its IBS.

here's the symptoms of ibs:
[x] chronic and frequent diarrhea, usually accompanied by pain
[x] chronic and frequent constipation, usually accompanied by pain
[x] abdominal pain or tenderness following meals relieved by bowel movement, intermittent
[x] abdominal fullness, gas, bloating
[x] abdominal distention
[x] nausea and vomiting
[x] loss of appetite
[this im not sure] emotional distress
[am i depressed? dunno] depression

says it not serious both bothersome(tell me about it!). says i just have to eat healthy, fibrous food and lotsa h2O, less stress, lotsa rest/sleep.

i hear you... i know i should see my doctor. maybe i would if this gets worse... OR!!!
maybe should see our clinic doctor instead to ensure no more of this:


arghhh! i still gets the shivers!

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