welcome 2006 world cup

Monday, June 12, 2006

oh well, nba fever is over. yeah, at least for me it is. i don't care much about the last two teams out there but i know this much. since mavs won their 2nd game, they're going to get the ring. that why it's all done for me. dirk will be mvp-ed too. that's too bad for shaq, we all know how bad shaq wants a ring. maybe next year... my team will get into the finals. hahaha. they really need a real center, and not to mention good bench players. how many times did i said that to lawrence. lets see what will happen next.

but for now its all about... world cup. i'm not rooting on any team as of the moment. i'm a beckham fan, yes... shoot me. i dont care. still, my eyes are on england this year. why? because my boss told me to look for rooney. coming from an english man, i wonder if its was biased opinion. we'll see. they're off with a good start, though... beating paraguay. not bad, eh? though they played way too hard on the first half and were almost crawling on the second half. i thought they're going to lose it but didn't. yey!

look at this video... noticed anything?

no one was drafted from greece. hmmm, i wonder why. spanish/portuguese speaking boys plus no german players. take a hint. hahaha. rivals till the end.

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he he he.
i was just complaining how boring it is to "watch" wc from yahoo coverage. i mean you can't expect to really capture the essence of the game per reload, unlike nba. let's face it, football is as good as it is IF you can see the game AND the crowd!

i know this is ascii... let's see how this will fare.

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