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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

world cup ads are nothing but great not to mention universal. you just have to love them. everyone, from adidas to nike to gatorade, even each country produce their own masterpiece. i have previously posted the adidas draft pick of a boy named jose. not bad eh? i didn't like the nike ads with cantona and ronaldinho. i know cantona is from manchester united but i always think of him as a show-off. so is ronaldinho... but i love that guy, who wouldn't?

then i came across pepsi's world cup commercial. my emotions got all mixed up. it should be funny but if i'll hang on it much longer, i'm pretty sure i'll find football a turn-off. look at their faces... ronaldinho and beckham are trying to keep themselves from laughing. they are look so... forgive me for using the word... adorable. hahaha!

see the ad for yourself, while i go after that fatty girl who took my beckham jersey.... THAT'S MINE!!!!!

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