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Friday, June 23, 2006

i was delirious this morning. my boyfriend dropped by coz my mom told him i haven't feeling well. i wasn't able to catch my doc last night so i don't have my meds yet. when i woke up, he was looking weird at me. he laughed at me. when i asked why, he told me i was talking in my sleep. and he heard me call out beckham. at first he thought i said, baked ham; but i called out again. yup, it was beckham.

thing is, i had this dream. i was at a building of some sort and below it was an open field. i think i was on 2nd floor and when i looked out i saw most of my fav futbol players were out on the stage, even that klose guy i haven't seen on the tv. everyone was screaming. and it suprised me that i found myself calling out to david, with two hand waving up high, jumping up and down, trying to catch his attention. david, who took noticed to that poor loser fan who's acting all crazy, gave a short wave. and i can't believe it... when i saw he that he did waved at me, i screamed... ok i shrieked like a loser girl in front of some one-shot-to-fame boyband. it was horrible and alarming. i can't even imagine myself being starstruck over beckham without seeing him on the actual field... playing a good game. he looks ok, but he doesn't have the voice to match it. so the only time he's worth worshiping is when he kicks that curve ball right into that goal and scores. that's it. i'm not going to act like a stupid loser fan when i see him walking on the street or something..... i hope.

anyway, last night my boyfriend and i went back to bubba gump with a vengeance. we order a bucket of shrimp-lobster-mahi-mahi meal and ate our full. i forgot the name but it was good. my boyfriend was saying it was a long time since he enjoyed a seafood course. it was really superb except that when i woke up, i'm not feeling well. hope i was home sleeping so i won't be able to feel this stupid tummy aches. it's really killing me!

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