2006: miss universe and sona

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

last monday, miss puerto rico won the miss universe 2006 title held at us of a. as i've suspected, another latina won. i dont know, there's something about them, their skin, their eyes and their drop-dead figures. the only thing i dont like about them is when they do their q&a portion where they would always ask for translators. so i'm not really sure if they fumbled or something. the crowd would always end up cheering but in my mind i go like "wow! the interpreter is really good". i wish one day, a filipina delegate would ask for an interpreter and no one (especially filipinos) would think that she's dumb or something.

it would have been nice to see ms. lebanon be on the final roll. she's gorgeous! and with the event being held at the states (with bush's support to israel moves), i wonder how her reigned would be like. i still wish she won though.


i was also rooting for ms. japan; she made it to the finals (top 5) pick. i'm glad she won the best national costume. it was a no brainer. like for me, the national costume is something that would stand out but still represent the country where one came from. and ms. japan is like a character out of disney's mulan... or should i say, its like mulan herself came out and joined the pagent. she was awesome with the samurai and all geared up for a battle. the dream girl of all anime freaks out there!


as for ms. philippines, hers was the worst i've ever seen. all those ruffles was really a pain to look at. im suprised she even had the nerve to wear it. what was she thinking!!! and the only reason she won the miss photogenic award is because they've put it online. any online voting that concerns pinoys (slang for filipinos), expect the result to be favorable to us. hahaha. yes, i did vote for her, and ms. bolivia (who look perfect in all her shots)and miss lebanon.


she should have borrowed the president's terno instead. or maybe someone switched their gowns! truth is, i'd rather see the president in a ruffled drag than a pageant contender. i couldnt care less what the president wore on her sona... it wouldnt hurt if she picked a non-designer gown. i mean, the semi-terno was superb but what's with THAT train. and with her height, nonetheless!!! what a shame!


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