Peeping Tom Setup (Qmail, Vpopmail)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This will send copies of all incoming and outgoing mails on the mail server (qmail) to a vpopmail user (that is one wants to read the mail via vpopmail).

Install everything you need: has an excellent, even-noobs-can-do-this instructions.

After shock steps:
1. Go to qmail source directory. Set QUEUE_EXTRA as "T\0". (Not don't act too noobish! Replace as a valid linux user.) Then set QUEUE_EXTRALEN as the length of (in characters) plus "2". ('T' and '\0' count as one each)
[root@mail qmail-1.03]# cat extra.h
#ifndef EXTRA_H
#define EXTRA_H
#define QUEUE_EXTRA "Tpeeping.tom\0"

2. Create a linux user with the same name as your recipient.
[root@mail qmail-1.03]# useradd peeping.tom

3. Create a Maildir directory for your recipient. This is where mails will be delivered to.
[root@mail qmail-1.03]# su - peeping.tom
[peeping.tom@mail ~]# maildirmake Maildir

4. Create a .qmail-peeping.tom file under /var/qmail/alias/.
[root@mail ~]# cat /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-peeping.tom

5. Recompile qmail. Stop qmail before recompiling.
[root@mail qmail-1.03] qmailctl stop
[root@mail qmail-1.03] make server setup
[root@mail qmail-1.03] qmailctl start

By this time, you can see files under the Maildir/new directory of the recipients. To forward it to a vpopmail user, just copy these files to the Maildir/new directory of the vpopmail user. Change make sure to change the ownership of those files after transfer to allow access to the vpopmail service.
[root@mail new] chown vpopmail.vchkpw
[root@mail new] chown vpopmail.vchkpw

- You can now use Horde+Imp to access these emails via IMAP server.
- You can use crontab to automate the transfer of files/emails to the vpopmail user.

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