never to wait in skirt

Friday, July 21, 2006

guys should never ever let a lady who's wearing a skirt/dress wait alone, unarmed with a good reading material or an ipod, and expect her kill the time doing nada while you make your grand entrance. thats a total NO-NO!

it would be so much better to meet up at a coffee shop. and make sure you'll be at most 5 minutes late... 15mins max if an emergency occurs but make sure you'll call, ok? never let her be the one to ask where in the world are you. if you knew you're going to be late, call her or at least send her an sms 5 minutes before the time of meet-up.

consider this day as a rare event as i decided to wear a skirt to the office with matching heels. sort of a historical moment to me, and those who are close to me... because i dislike wearing skirts and dresses. and would you believe that my guy friend let me wait for like 30 minutes outside our office building, letting me sit alone, overhearing a lady telling her problematic lovelife to her girlfriend (gawd, i miss these kind of girl talks)... and that i had to call him twice! you know who you are! HMPF!

please tell me chivalry isn't dead yet. males could you exert all effort to let out your gallantry at least to those skirt/dressing-wearing femmes. *sigh!*

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