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Sunday, July 02, 2006

i just finished my latest blog entry for the day and when i click on publish... it wasn't posted and my entry... gone! i hate it when that happens. i had to re-think what i wrote all over again and hope that i'll be patient enough to finish it. otherwise, i wont post anything at all. i mean, should check if the connection to blogger is ok before sending the data. or at least put entries cache just in case! but like i could really blame them, this service is free right. so i dont think i want to rant on; else i'll find blog offline. moving on....

i wrote about being jinxed. every darn team i supported this year got kicked out before the finals. and the team that i supported during the finals, lose. talk about bad luck. from nba to world cup. i mean, there was nets and then spurs... then dallas! what the hell happened to that team, anyway! then spain lost to crappy france, and last night the rest of my teams, england and brazil, lost too. i just cant believe it. from now on im going to support the teams i hate! that should disqualify them fast. but as far as im concerned, world cup is over.

everyone should have watched superman returns. i love the new guy. what can i say... femmes dig heroes in tights as you guys dig anything that walks on skimpy clothes. sort of our like prince charmings to the rescue. i remember when i was young, i use to watch our superman videos over and over... totally worshipped clark kent and despised that totally idiotic lois lane who cant even recognize her man when he wears glasses. and to think she pretends she's inlove with him! duh! i used to have a crush on a guy back in elementary with a twin and i could tell them apart.

anyways, this brandon routh is hot. where did they find him? he's perfect! and i fell inlove all over again. hahaha. i bet my boyfriend's going to keep me away from any brandon routh's movies for a couple of months just like what he did with vin diesel.
lois lane is... very lois lane-ish which makes me hate her more than ever. her curls is too perfect but gawd who in the hell did the horrific pedicure. put the shoes back on, honey... you're ruining the entire slide. or maybe i just hate her. hahaha. as for the boy, i instantly knew there's a possibility of him being the son of superman. but why couldn't they get a black-haired boy with glasses instead? can you imagine how degrading this is for all krypton race, if there's any one left out there besides clark! that would mean that lois lane's genes has overpowered clark's?!!! poor boy!!! i cant imagine him growing up with super strength and spidey's geeky looks. as for lex luthor, one could never make a mistake in casting kevin spacey, but... i'd say this, the storyline ruined it. i cant really imagined luthor being stranded as in sort-of tom-hanks'-cast-away manner with no one but a goodey-two-shoes hooker-poser and eat a cannibalistic pomeranian for dinner? what in the world were they thinking?!!! the chopper being in one piece, i could only assume that they didnt want a costly production orrrr, they didn't have the guts to get rough. with good and not-so-good-looking people aside, the movie is crappy. still, if you desperate want to ensure that you get you're decade's dose of superman looks, go and watch it.

some, if there's any out there who even reads this blog, may have wondered why i havent had an entry for a week. nope, i havent been sick, actually im getting better. thing is, i have a new work sched, for like 3 days i wasn't leaving the house that my mom thought i was out of job. hahahaha. i work vancouver time and my friend scott helps me keep sane (big thanks!), if i was even capable of being such, during my shift. i honestly dont know how call center support people do it, but i havent gotten more than 6hr straight sleeptime. my first three days, i havent seen the sun outside... spent it indoors. until my boyfriend suggested going to the malls (all praises to my man!!!). and during the next succeeding days, i was out and about, trying on new clothes (hon, i said trying... just trying, ok?) and stuff from my vanity list (like massages, facials). but i did bought to a nice comfy back support with arm rest that looks good on top of my bed. and got my glyco peel service today AND purchased vmv skin care regimen. maybe i'll invest on a good study table and a nice comfy chair too if this sched goes on.

im still trying to fit in my new work sched, and i think im enjoying it. being in the malls during the day and enjoying the off-peak spa services daily. i just wish my hemoglobin can keep up with it.

for now, this is clark kent's future (yet-to-be-discovered) leading lady... signing out!

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Before you publish, go to the html side and COPY it; should somehing occure - you always have the back up!

It happend to me and it was most annoying - I fully undrstand you..:-0

Have anice day!
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