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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

like i have many bad experiences with cabs. smelly taxis and cab drivers, choosy drivers, and yes, i even encountered pervert drivers who would reach out and make excuses to touch you.

i know its weird for a girl, but i like sitting on the passenger's seat especially if the aircon is set to low. i know most of you have asked a thousand times for the driver to actually lower the temperature, but i bet you received gazillion excuses from your taxi driver that he cant. normally, im not in the mood to start a conversation at all besides telling him where i want him to take me... so to resolve the aircon issue, i choose to sit at the passenger seat and direct all aircon at me. i could always put my huge backpack in between us if he even tries to molest me. if i can't take it anymore... i could just open my door, leave money and take a hike.

but its the fare that always bother me. i dont like the idea of not being informed on how i should be charged when i choose to travel via cab. so if there's anyone out there who could explain this, big thanks.

how would you know if the taxi meter is bugged? i just dont get it! i know there's always a 30 pesos flag down rate as soon as you get in. after that, will you be charged 2.50 pesos per km. instantly? and besides the actual fare price, i can see two other numbers which i assumed to be time/duration and distance of travel... is that right? based on that info, can you tell if the meter is overcharging you in a way?

a driver once told me that he was driving faster than 80kmph so i got charged higher than if he was going at a slower pace with the same (covered) distance. is that a valid reason? let me know.

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