the quest

Saturday, July 22, 2006

i have a mission.

for weeks i've been begging my man to go see a dermatologist and/or have a facial. no, i'm not planning to convert him into a metrosexual but i just feel that he needs to give it a try... just this once. i know it'll do him good (even his sisters say so).

some of you might think, what in the world am i doing to him! i dont know how to explain... but i have a valid reason. here let me try... we've been together for like years now and heaven knows i've been his annual source of nuisance, with all the headaches, pressures and mess i've been into all these years. now, its showing and i feel so guilty about it. yes, i'm the black sheep in this relationship. and i'm just trying to erase those problems off his face. of course, i love him as he is. but (would you believe) i was able to convince him and he agreed to go to a derm session! he promised that he'll try it. and a promise's a promise, RIGHT EVERYONE??? hahaha... got yah, hun!!!

but that was like a month ago. up until now, he hasn't gone. he got like a million reasons (i bet he created this list of excuses the same time he made his promise) to delay it, and if all fails, he would pretend his angry... like extremely mad and demand to go home. it was funny coz i knew its his style. hahaha. last week, we came as close as 5 steps away (literally) from the dermatologist and threw a major tantrum then he called it off. today, we were supposed to go (for the nth time), but then i arrived late (an hour late... yeah, i'm blaming myself on this one) and he said (smiling... i wonder why!) its my fault that we need to reschedule again. very clever, very smooth! i dont mind if he's going to delay it forever, i know i'll get him one day.

monday's his dayoff, so we're going to get his facials the day after tomorrow. wish me luck. gambate!!!

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