forwarded sms and telenovelas

Thursday, July 20, 2006

recently, i friend sent me an sms. it says:
no one falls in love by choice, its by chance.
no one stays in love by chance, its by effort.
no one falls out of love by effort, its by choice.

that hit the bulls eye. in the end, love will only matter if one will match it with commitment. without it, its nothing but a story out of a movie or a novel. there will always be a hint of reality... just a hint of it and yet no one would really know for sure if that can even be real. if people are not careful enough, they might end up waiting their entire lives... and in the process, let those fleeting opportunities pass them by without a mere hello or a nod of goodbye. hope will always be the best thing out of pandora's box. however one should always be sensible and conscious enough... to uncover what is "now", what is the "future" and what is a "dream"... to identify what's real and what's not.

my love life is like one of those telenovelas most of you watched after the news (or it is before the news, i really dont know coz i rarely watch tv). maybe thats why i hate watching those flicks. why watch those when im already in it, living it! hahaha. most of the time, i see myself as the antagonist in my own life story and i have made mistakes, a lot of them actually. some would say that i have done stupid acts but i wouldn't hear them out. i wouldnt even flinched at those thorny adjectives they threw at me (true that i may threw some punches back) but i did what i did. and it the end the past becomes me. this is the whole package, take it or leave it. you either accept me or shut up and get the hell out of my face.

and the best part of my life is having my leading man with me all thoughout. you rarely see or meet someone like him in this era. i'm so lucky to be with him (and he with me -- i really have to say that, else i might boost his ego up the roof.) i just have to make sure that he stays sanely (or insanely, whichever state his in right now) inlove with me. i remember asking my man to memorize the text message above. hahaha, i've decided to post it so he wouldn't forget.... and i wouldn't forget it, either.

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