another late night

Thursday, July 13, 2006

its 2:22am and i cant sleep. i'm just about to finish my dinner... a mcdonalds' delivery. my stomach's filled with twister fries, cheeseburger, spaghetti AND hot fudge sundae. you bet, im pigging out. i'm feeling kinda low and slow today. i dont know why and i dont want to know why either.

ok... maybe because, although i got my half-month salary today, more than half of it will go to my previous month's credit card purchases and my insurance. too many bills!!! and my bank even increased my credit limit. spare me from any more temptations.

about my other half-month salary??? NO!!!! i dont even want to think about it, until maybe year 2007 or 2008. and i need to buy clothes for meetings and those super-uncomfortable shoes with heels to match. i guess i have to give up my vanity thingies. no more massages. waxing will be once a month (ouch!)... and my hair treatment can wait until i get a bonus. and my facials??? shesh! this diversion is costing me a lot of moolah!!!

forget it! after all, being posh isn't my style. i'll try to stick with my usuals facial cleaner, toner, and moisturizer regimen.

i desperately want a pug this year... i doubt i could get a decent female pup with my budget. so i got to drop a lot of my usual narcissistic expenditures, if i really want one. or do i really want one? i dunno. i can always steal chewy (are you reading this hun?)

i'll try to get some rest before i go to the office. great! its almost 3am. now i wouldnt be able to wake up in time for work....


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