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Friday, July 14, 2006

oh well... consider blog entry before this one, null and void. i just came home from a relaxing treat for me-myself-and-i. hahaha.

i went down to spa utopia after wrapping up a week's workload. it was just walking distance from my office so i decided i could have a massage or a facial or even just a foot spa. i'm really feeling low today and although that cute, little fudgey-wudgey chocolate cake of cheesecake etc. courtesy of my better-half (and this time its not a ransom cake!) did lift my spirit up a bit, i knew i needed something more. i couldn't really pin-point what's wrong but i can feel the bad vibes around me.

so, i found myself in a spa center even after saying i'll refrain from any narcissistic activities. they had this promo where i could avail a facial and a diamond peel session for less than 1k. promos never fail to catch my attention... i decided to give it a try. and unlike the usual sessions from let's face it, this one is true to its name... its a calming, totally refreshing experience.

i did blog about having that glyco peel, right? we, together with my bf's siblings, had it at let's face it at park square. the experience wasn't very satisfying at all. usually, they will ask what skin regimen you're into before performing your treatment. i knew that they do this to know if your treatment will have any reaction to whatever you've used on your face. one of us asked why, but the attendant didn't answer at all. all our attendant were very busy rattling about pacquiao's recent win that they didn't even bother to aerate our face. it was irritating to hear them talk while we are trying to ignore the stinging feeling on our skin. i knew they had to let some air on our faces so it wouldn't sting much. but we discover that they were using their hands to generate the air. and they finally stopped after one of attendant accidentally rammed her hand on my friend's face. worst of all, they laughed and my friend didn't get an apology at all. it was horrible.

anyway... at spa utopia, you get your own room, so it more private. you'll have your facial lying down with a soothing instrumental music on the background. lights would be turned off during the facial steam and the mask session so you can actually relax. i enjoyed the mint mask very much. its my first time to have a diamond peel treatment. it like a sucking pumice device which hurt a bit... but very tolerable... unlike the gylo peel burning sensation which hurt alot especially if the attendant is too lazy to fan your face.

i really dont know what this diamond peel would do to my face. like i dont even know why i do these things. hahaha. maybe i just like being pampered. thank goodness, my boyfriend tolerates my vanity. now if i can just trick him into having his facials... that would make him the greatest! but then again, i couldn't even pull him inside the salon for a haircut. oh well, there are ways... women always find ways. :-)

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