infiltration @ the palace

Saturday, June 24, 2006

as soon as i arrived at the office, my boss inquired if i was anywhere near the president these past few months. i was like, president who? he said president arroyo experienced severe abdominal pain and vomiting. it was said that she was a bit pale too and was confined.

(6TH UPDATE) FOR the first time since she was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital for acute infectious diarrhea Thursday night, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo met members of a government media pool Friday afternoon and assured the public she was all right. read here

seems like my plan to spread my infectious disease worked. today... the president. tomorrow... the world!!! talk about biological warfare! bwahahaha!

ok, before the police arrest me... lets get this straight. i wasn't anywhere near osteria (ara mina's resto) where arroyo had her dinner before she was rushed to the hospital last night; bubba gump's is like miles away. i haven't even seen the president personally. c'mmon i'm too gorgeous to waste my life for stuff like presidential assassination. and i'm not about to let myself be taken away for spreading single-celled organisms. and of all diseases out there, it has to be diarrhea outbreak. que horror! that is just sooo ... crappy!

but im so glad im not alone in this kinda state. and with the president herself, im honored to share my fate with her. hahaha, just kidding. but i hope we both get well soon. i just got my meds. in 3 days time, i'll have another round of tests to see if those pests are gone for good. i'm tired of all these doc's visits. its physically and financially draining. it's killing my social life, not like i have a grand one. but the protozoa has got to go... i know its their nature to be pesky, but they're overdoing it....seriously! i'm not sure if arroyo says she's fine for publicity sake, coz im not fine... at all!

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