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Thursday, August 31, 2006

a lot of things had happen in my work. and i dont want to think about it right now.

anyways, one of my childhood guyfriend pop me a YM message early evening about his girl problems. well, my guyfriends usually call me if they have issues about girls. guess, they're comfortable sharing it with me. i dunno but he's one of the best-est guy friend i have and i really think he's such a good boy in a relationship... usually way too good in my opinion. most of the times, the girls take advantage of him, and i can't really help him much once he fall for it coz he falls really deep.

i guess i would try my best to help him on this one.... trying to give advices so he wouldnt look like a stalker or something. so we had dinner together with another guyfriend but things ended up with nothing but jokes... and a number of pickup lines. i listed one... its funnier if its in tagalog so i have to write it on my native tongue. i dont know if these have copyrights or whatever...

Guy: Anong ginagawa mo?
Girl: Wala lang
Guy: Alam mo ba na ang "Wala Lang" is the subconscious way of saying "I love you"? Girl: Ows
Guy: At alam mo ba kung bakit ko sinasabi 'to? Wala lang.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: i didnt invent this pickup line, ok! i'm not THIS mushy. thing is, guys usually turn mushy/chessy whenever its about girls. they just dont want to admit it. hahaha!

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