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Saturday, August 19, 2006

yes, i have changed the blog template this week. i visited a couple of blog template sites, reached blogskins and chose drogue-designs' the other side of eden since its the closest watermelon-looking site i could find... well at least as of the moment. though i feel that this is a bit too dark for me (i wanted to change the black color to something reddish and add some seeds), i didnt have the time to do all of that. i'll find time to do it... i hope.

a lot of things happened this week that for me it seems like a month has passed already. i dont why i felt so drained... but when i realized that it was a friday, i suddenly felt the urge to have a nice relaxing massage and escape from the earth's calling. days have been very demanding and i feel so worthless inside. no, i'm not sad... or down or whatever. actually, i should be happy but the feeling eludes me. give me a few more days before i can share everything with you. but as of the moment, i feel so incapable and helpless.

or maybe i'm not used to being blessed or lucky (depends on how you see it). thing is, for me, its scary when good things happen to you one after the other. i feel there's something dark in the end. somewhat like pandora's box but in reverse... all the good things and then a really bad thing will come of it.

so now, i'm being a pessimist. argh!

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