Saturday, August 26, 2006

i woke up past lunchtime today, 15mins or so after twelve. truth is, i woke up a number of times...attempted to get up my bed thrice (or maybe more, but who's counting). i received a message from the bf that we'll meet 3pm. run a warm shower (i never shower with cold water... ever! even during summer. that is, if i have a choice.) and dressed up ready leave at half past one. took a ride to bf's house, and arrived 2:45pm. not bad! i'm not late. when i got there, bf was still asleep and i didnt want to wake him up. so i waited. got hungry, ordered pizza, watched tv and by 5:30pm my prince charming woke up and prepared for work.

we have the house around 7pm after we finished watching 50 first dates on cable(i love the part where lucy beats ula... never fails to make me laugh). i went to the mall, looked around and controlled myself not to spend anything on vanity items. i ended buying one float for the road.

what a productive saturday...

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