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Saturday, August 19, 2006

i was planning to go to the spa today but my family woke me up and asked... err demanded to get my lazy butt off my bed and get "sahara"... better known as chewy.

chewy is a four-month cute shih-tzu pup that my boyfriend's sister owned. i borrowed her once and brought her home coz i really find her sweet and cuddly. but i didnt knew that my family will accept her more than they accept my boyfriend. hahaha. the first time my mom set eyes on chewy, she became part of this family. every weekend they ask me if i could have chewy here for a day or two. guess they really like that pooch. i adore her as much as i adore my first pup paniel, back when i was in college. the only problem i have with chewy is the fact that she basically chew everything in her path, be it socks, shoes and yes... even cables. thus, the alias "chew-y". funny thing, my family still finds her funny. i wonder how my bro will react once chewy finishes my bro half-eaten LAN cables. hahaha.

but for now, since everyone will have their attention to the pup, i can enjoy myself. tomorrow, maybe i can have my massage. but for now, sleeptime!!! i looveeeee long weekends!!!!

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