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Thursday, August 24, 2006

i have gone to a lot of eating places this past few days. what can i say? with abi back, i've been going out for dinners every night. boyfriend is even becoming jealous coz i've been spending a lot of time with her.

we've tried the new pasta stall at 2nd floor rcbc plaza. geez, i forgot the name but its the stall before tapa king. everytime i go there, the place is near-empty. usually, our rule is if the resto is vacated, the food might not be as good as it should be... so we then to avoid the place. but i didnt know what came into mind that day. we went in and tried the chicken & pasta meal. it wasnt bad at all. well abi did ask them to re-cook/re-fry her chicken. i had bolognese and it was good. nothing superb but ok. they also have dalandan juice which they claimed that its the same as italliani's. i beg to differ... there's some weird after-taste. i know italliani's dalandan drink and i totally love it. their version of it is so-so. i'm not sure though... maybe its just the concentration or maybe the water. the serving size is just right for lunch... or maybe dinner if you're not that hungry. i might go back and try some of their other pastas. (3 out of 5 rating)

we also had dinner at wong don (or was that don wong or woon dong... geez, i'm really not good at names, huh!) korean resto near makati ave/jupiter. the serving size was huuuuge. the appetizer... i mean appetizersssss were unbelievable. its like a meal in itself. we ordered bulgogi (bbq pork strips) and requested a soup thats not spicy. the waitress suggested a beef stew with soya bean paste or something to that effect. but when they served the stew, i knew something was wrong instantly. we saw specs of red which are undeniably red chili. it was hot alright. and the pork strip was spicy as well. blend together with some kimchi and i dont know how we manage not to strip them with their water supply. i also tried their watermelon shake. i'm not sure if it was really nice and sweet coz all that chilis dulled my tastebuds. i think the watermelon shake from hotel intercon is much better though. the stew is delicious despite of being too spicy. i'm sure my boyfriend will enjoy it a lot... considering he love bone marrows. i dont...bleah! but the meal was totally worth your money. the place is nice and the people are courteous... just make sure to confirm your tolerance level for chili though. (3.5 out of 5 rating)

finally, yesterday we dined at zen japanese (with korean menu) resto @ greenbelt 3. abi ordered the bento box, a rice meal with two servings of dishes, miso soup, some veggie salad, crabmeat in tofu and a bit of dessert (did i forget anything???)... i ordered chicken teriyaki donburi (rice topping). it was the first time i went there and was suprised that my order also have soup and okra and some fruit w/ jelly dessert. and the truth is, i ordered donburi coz im not really that hungry. when abi's order came, it was twice my food serving size. the teriyaki was great. better than any other teriyaki meal i can remember (for now). the soup was good too. abi also let me tried her beef-rolled-with-some-mushroom-and-veggie which was very tasty. i would want to try that next time... and i have to drag bf here as the food is really worth it. the place is homey and some animes are being shown. everyone was every attentive and courteous. but you have to make sure that you're really, really hungry if you'll eat there... or those bento box can be shared by two persons. forget about me and abi... we just had shopping time before dinner so we were both wasted... hence the pig-out. (4 out of 5 rating)

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i confirmed with abi. the korean resto was dong won restaurant at jupiter. you should definitely try it out especially if you dine by groups.
I'll have to give it a try next time I'm in Manila :) So what's your secret for staying so thin? Is it the coke floats?
im sooo thin and i want to gain some weight. but everytime i try to, the first part that gets really bulky is my tummy... next my face (cheeks and chin). its heartbreaking.
ate there once.. nice place.. affordable
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